Niki Lomibao

Talent and Leadership Development professional with 8+ years of experience in the nonprofit sector focusing on recruitment, training, coaching, and leadership development for all levels of employees.

Talent and Leadership Development professional with 8+ years of experience in the nonprofit sector focusing on recruitment, training, coaching, and leadership development for all levels of employees.

Full Bio

Niki has a professional background in talent and leadership development with 8+ years of experience in the nonprofit field. Most recently, she served as Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development at Valley of the Sun United Way, one of Phoenix's largest and most innovative nonprofits. She has also worked with Prestamos CDFI, a subsidiary of Chicanos Por La Causa, and the Girls Scouts Arizona-Cactus Pine Council.

Niki is an expert in partnering with community-driven clients to build their confidence and find clarity and purpose in their life and career. Niki works with all levels of employees, from administrative staff to C-suite. She is an Evidence-Based Coach, which blends research-based theory and models and the use of self to create an effective coaching relationship. One of Niki's personal values is community and she is passionate about building the leadership skills and confidence of employees who work in organizations that serve underrepresented and underserved communities. Having a deep understanding and love for the nonprofit sector, she feels that's where she can make the most impact.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coached a passionate, but overwhelmed, community-leader who is a mother to 2 teenagers, worked 3 jobs, and lead a Girl Scout troop. Successfully helped her build her confidence to obtain 1 great paying job leaving her with more work/life balance to spend with her family and volunteering. She has since received two promotions, allowing her to make more money than she ever has before, and even took the time for her first international vacation.

  • Coached a marketing professional who had the goal of starting her own boutique marketing firm. Helped her break through her self-limiting beliefs and realize that her fears were rooted in a place of control. By building a safe space filled with trust and reflection, she was able to open up and explore what was holding her back from experiencing the joy, success, and happiness she deserved. 5 years in, she has a thriving business in Hawaii, with a full staff focusing on boutique marketing services for woman-owned small businesses.

  • Coached a massage therapist who worked between 4 locations, who had aspirations to be his own boss and start his own business. He dreamed of using his industry experience to help other new massage therapy grads build their businesses. By helping him to develop tools to take confident risks and constructive accountability, he was able to reach his personal and professional goals. He is now the proud tenant of his own 5-room suite, where he now rents out spaces to other massage therapists helping them to grow their clientele.

  • Coached a marketing professional in the outdoor industry, who had recently made a full recovery from cancer. She returned to work only to be laid off a few months later. She was struggling with her confidence, looking for clarity on what to do next, and trying to find her passion and joy again. Through coaching, she was able to explore her skillset and experience that made her successful before and increase her confidence through learning how to tell her story and using her network as resources. She has now become a marketing consultant making more money for the competitor of the prior company that laid her off.

  • Coached a nonprofit fundraiser who felt like she was ready for a promotion at work, although there were limited opportunities due to the size of the company. Through coaching, she was able to develop a big vision for her career and came to understand the roadblocks she put in my own way. She began to take ownership of her career path rather than waiting for her company to provide it. She built her confidence to blend two of her passions: travel and women's soccer (she was a college athlete). She moved to a brand new city, something she had dreamed of, and now works in fundraising for a women's soccer team.

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Valley of the Sun United Way
Vice President, Human Resources and Organizational Development
Senior Specialist, Employee Programs
  • ICF Certified Coach (ACC)
  • Fielding Graduate University - Master's of Organizational Development and Leadership (MA-ODL)
  • Fielding Graduate University - Certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching for Organizational Leadership
Human Resources
Management Consulting
Professional Services
Non Profit
Human Resources
Strategy Planning
Career Direction
Improve At Networking
Interview Feedback
New Grad
Early Career
Mid Career
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
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