Aparna A.

Executive coach, healthcare leader, and change management consultant with 20+ years as a primary care physician. Aparna coaches leaders across healthcare, technology, and nonprofits. Passionate about leadership development and ecosystems that enable high-performing teams.

Full Bio

Aparna has many years of experience in healthcare and management consultancy, having led the strategy and operations for a medical practice. She has worked on large-scale change management initiatives and worked with leaders on strategic transformational initiatives. Aparna is passionate about people living authentic and purposeful lives. To this end, she helps to set leaders up for success across healthcare, by having them develop key leadership competencies that strive to inspire, sponsor and empower individuals to thrive at work. Through the use of a transformational coaching approach, she helps emerging leaders that are transitioning from a predominantly clinical facing role to administrative roles build the necessary competencies to succeed, as well as to empower established leaders successfully lead change in their organizations.

####Notable Client Achievements

  • Provided leadership development coaching to a non-profit leader that led him to transition into a more successful role that resulted in double the compensation he was receiving in his previous role.

  • Coached a senior executive to improve interpersonal relationships with her management team and more effectively delegate to manage her priorities.

  • ICF Certified - ACC
  • Certified Executive Coach (In Proecess)
  • Certified Change Management Practitioner
  • Medical Doctor (MD)
Medical Practice
Professional Services
Accounting Auditing
Business Development
Project Management
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
Discover Skills And Strengths
Career Transition
Performance Productivity
Relationship Building
Managing Up
Emotional Intelligence
Stress Management
Team Building
Executive Presence


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style typically depends on the context and client, but I tend to use a combination of mindful, developmental, transformational, and visionary coaching.

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal clients are emerging executive leaders across health sciences who are transitioning from technical/functional roles to leadership roles. Leaders whose organizations are struggling with low employee engagement and high turnover. By working on leadership development that builds on emotional intelligence competencies, leaders are more likely to succeed in inspiring and empowering their employees.

How do you measure success with a client?

I measure success by clearly defining the client's goal and how they would know that they have achieved that goal at the beginning of the coaching engagement, makes it easier to measure success with the engagement.

What is your coaching superpower?

My coaching superpower is being empathetic and using active listening

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