An Wang

An is an entrepreneur, investor, and a life-long learner, An is dedicated to helping impact-driven individuals build a fulfilling career while living the quality of life they desire.

An is an entrepreneur, investor, and a life-long learner, An is dedicated to helping impact-driven individuals build a fulfilling career while living the quality of life they desire.

An Wang is not accepting new clients right now
An Wang is not accepting new clients right now

An is a seasoned business professional with 10 years' of experience with a proven track record of success in venture capital, private equity and startup operations. Apart from having built a successful career in her early 30s, she has the unique ability to translate between various cultures and sectors, unearth new insights and navigate new territories for opportunities. An brings a holistic, creative and collaborative approach to coaching. She works with her clients to find clarity and purpose, build confidence to navigate challenges and transitions, and tap into their innate skills and abilities. By combining various proven tools from her business experiences and personal growth journey, An applies a tactical and solution-oriented approach in her coaching. She helps clients build effective systems to make better decisions in life, improve focus and build momentum towards their desired outcome.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Helped develop business plans and launch strategies for a portfolio of startup founders.

  • Coached 10+ mid-level professionals made career transition to new industries and job functions.

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Work History
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Corporate Development
RBC Capital Markets
Investment Banking
Global Real Estate/Infrastructure
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialed coach
  • Certified Health & Wellness coach
  • NLP practitioner
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Emory University
  • 10+ year of corporate finance, venture capital, private equity, social impact investing and startup operations
Industry Specialties
Computer Software, Financial Services, Professional Services, Non Profit and more
Functional Specialties
Accounting Auditing, Business Development, Finance Investing, Project Management and more
Early Career, Mid Career, Executive, Value Identification and more
Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is built around awareness building, collaboration, developmental, down-to-earth, insightful, in the moment, practical/pragmatic, solutions-focused, strategic, transformational

Who is your ideal client and why?

Though I’m committed to working with a diverse range of clients, I have a specialty in entrepreneurship, social impact, and female empowerment (especially Asian background and immigrants). My ideal type of clients are:
-Mid-level professionals who are committed to creating a shift in their lives, including launching their new businesses, contemplating major career transitions, or wanting to feel more fulfillment and balance. -Startup founders or visionary individuals who have ideas or in the initial process of starting their own business/projects/initiatives.

How do you measure success with a client?

I begin coaching relationships with my clients by helping them define their goals and what success looks like for them. I hold my clients accountability by checking in during and in-between our sessions. I also ask clients for feedback throughout the process on if they are on track. When things are not on track, I help clients recalibrate if necessary, surface new insights and come up with appropriate solutions.

What is your coaching superpower?

In my coaching, I ask provocative, powerful questions to help clients to become more self-aware, to reflect and share honestly, to gain clarity, and to take action. My gifts for keen listening, observation, and catalyzing courageous conversations set the stage for deep and lasting transformation for individuals. I also employ a customized, results-focused and collaborative process to maximize impact and outcomes.

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