Karen Benoy Preston

Certified Executive and Team Coach with 2000+ coaching hours and 30+ years of leadership experience across human resources, financial, healthcare, and technology sectors.

Certified Executive and Team Coach with 2000+ coaching hours and 30+ years of leadership experience across human resources, financial, healthcare, and technology sectors.

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Karen Benoy Preston

As a Certified Professional Coach with over 2000 coaching hours, my focus is on helping you achieve extraordinary results through Transformational Leadership Coaching. My goal is to empower you to step into your most authentic self, which will create cohesion within yourself and with others. With my coaching, you'll be able to reach your full potential, both individually and as a leader of your team, with ease.

My coaching style is unique in that it emphasizes your personal growth and development, as well as your ability to lead effectively. I believe that by helping you to develop a strong sense of self-awareness, you will be better equipped to inspire and motivate others. Through Transformational Leadership Coaching, you'll gain the tools and techniques you need to communicate more effectively, make better decisions, and achieve your goals.

I offer a range of actionable ways to help you achieve your desired outcome, including:

*Identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and developing a plan to leverage your strengths and address any areas that need improvement.

*Helping you to create a clear and compelling vision for your future, and developing strategies to achieve your goals.

*Supporting you in building strong relationships with your team members and other stakeholders.

*Teaching you effective communication skills, so that you can inspire and motivate your team.

*Providing guidance on how to lead with authenticity and integrity, and how to create a culture of trust and collaboration within your team.

My ultimate goal is to help you achieve your full potential as a leader, and to create a positive impact on your team and organization. I look forward to working with you to achieve your desired outcomes.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coached a team to discover its unique purpose allowing them to find funding and break free from parent company associated with US federal government
  • Coached a Managing Director to become a partner in a large tech consulting firm
  • Developed a powerful and proven values assessment tool for individuals and teams to create greater alignment for coaches to become certified
  • Became Top Expert with consistent 5/5 rating in the programs focused on Leading Organizations for Senior Executives for global coaching platform
  • Facilitated multiple highly successful group coaching sessions focused on career planning for top high potentials at leading global software security company
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Benefit Planning Group
Senior Director, Licensed Producer
  • International Coach Federation (ICF); Professional Certified Coach (PCC),
  • GTCI Certified Team Coach
  • Conscious Business Coach (CBC)
  • Global Team Coaching Individual Accreditation (ITCA)
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC); Certified Professional Coach (CPC)
Health Wellness Fitness
Financial Services
Human Resources
Business Development
Human Resources
Informaton Technology
Career Direction
Experienced People Manager
Value Identification
Career Transition
Performance Productivity
Relationship Building
Time Management
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