Tina Robinson

As an executive coach, leadership development consultant, workshop facilitator, and inspirational speaker, Tina builds on 20+ years of cross-industry corporate experience to help unleash human potential.

As an executive coach, leadership development consultant, workshop facilitator, and inspirational speaker, Tina builds on 20+ years of cross-industry corporate experience to help unleash human potential.

Tina Robinson is not accepting new clients right now
Tina Robinson is not accepting new clients right now

From personal branding to leadership development, from executive coaching to cross-functional global training, Tina co-creates talent development programs that drive business outcomes and deliver human results.

Tina coaches leaders at all levels across diverse industries, with such past clients as a fashion brand CEO, creative agency co-founder, eCommerce CFO, entertainment senior vice president, investment banking managing director, nonprofit executive directors, global tech engineering director, and international development operational executive.

Tina has worked with leaders and teams from prominent organizations, including Fabletics, FOX Sports, Frederick Fisher, Partners Architecture and Design, LRW market research, National Wildlife Federation, SAP, Savage X Fenty, Speedo, Spin Master, and Spotify.

Prior to her coaching career, Tina was global head of leadership development at an eCommerce fashion company, a VP of customer engagement and pre-sales operations leader at a global technology company, regional HR leader for organizations in the energy/logistics, technology, healthcare, and financial services sectors, and management consultant.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coached cohort of 12 "high potential" leaders at a global eCommerce company; a six-month program resulted in four significant promotions to larger positions with greater scope.
  • Coached founding partner of national architecture practice in alignment with organization-wide culture change initiative, resulting in partner re-investing in business development, creating a leadership mentoring program, and coaching the junior partners as part of a long-term succession strategy.
  • Coached former c-level executive at a global commercial development company while he was in transition, resulting in the client being recruited to be the successor to the president of a regional development company.
  • Coached technology leader at global eCommerce organization, resulting in improved interpersonal communication (documented in subsequent 360 assessment) and promotion to VP.
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Work History
Global Head of Leadership Development
Vice President and Global Program Leader, Customer Engagement
SAP SuccessFactors
Global Operations Leader, HR Technology Consulting and Value Advisory
  • 25+ years of executive experience across multiple industries
  • MBA, University of Michigan
  • Certified DISC, Clifton Strengths Finder and Kilmann Conflict Mode practitioner
Industry Specialties
Healthcare, Logistics Supply Chain, Professional Services, Retail and more
Functional Specialties
Human Resources, Operations, Project Management, Sales and more
Experienced People Manager, Executive, Personal Branding, Discover Skills And Strengths and more
Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is a bit "mad scientist" - I try things on myself first before sharing them with clients. Authenticity is critical to my practice - if I suggest a different mindset, recommend a book, or discuss alternative approaches, I have explored each as part of my own growth. I firmly believe coaches should own their OWN lives and all the swirling stuff within - if we aren't doing "the work" ourselves, we lose credibility as advisors, role models, and guides. Coaching is a relationship, and I believe strongly in "fit." I always offer a "get out of jail free" card, meaning that if the fit isn't there after we launch, we can part ways - and I'm happy to suggest other coaches who might align better with my clients' preferences. Fortunately...the card has yet to be used.

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal client is a leader who wants to re-invest their learning into making their organizations, their teams, and their communities better/stronger. My ideal client is ready and willing to unleash their potential - and to encourage the unleashing of others' potential as a role model, guide, and manager.

How do you measure success with a client?

There are a few ways to do this. I ask for goals at the beginning of the coaching program. Those goals keep our sessions aligned with the larger picture. Should this be a corporate client, I will invite the manager to a wrap-up session with the client to talk about those goals and the progress made toward them. I may have a 1:1 with the manager, should that be agreed upon by both the manager and the client. I may propose a pre- and post-360, scope and scale dependent on the nature of the coaching. I ask my clients at the end of our program how they feel they have evolved, what they have learned, how much closer they believe they are to their goals, what behaviors they have noticed changing (at work and/or at home), and where will they continue to invest in their growth.

What is your coaching superpower?

My coaching superpower is compassionate humor.

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