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Our Story

Our mission is to unlock the career potential of all Americans.

Our economy is more complex than ever. One in five Americans lost their jobs in 2020 and millions more are still impacted by the global pandemic. Remote work and flexible arrangements are here to stay. Wealth continues to concentrate in the hands of an increasingly small number of people. Landing a great job in our country is more competitive than ever.

Fly through your job search. We help people get jobs through modern technology plus human support. Through a radically improved job search experience, those who choose Placement earn a bigger share of our country's economic benefits. Together, our magic tools, expert assistance, and human support enable people to achieve more.

We founded Placement because we experienced firsthand the transformative power of geographic mobility. With Placement, great opportunities become more accessible, with less headache and better results than going it alone.

our story

Our company was founded on the mission of democratizing access to economic opportunity in America. Our founders, Sean Linehan and Katie Kent, experienced firsthand the transformational power of upward mobility. They grew up in California's Inland Empire and Detroit, Michigan - places devoid of economic growth. Still, they were able to trade up from minimum wage jobs into leadership roles at multi-billion dollar businesses before the age 30. From this journey, they saw that meaningful career growth depended not just on skills and experience, but on all kinds of things that you don’t learn in school.

Since Placement launched in early 2019, we have proudly helped transform the lives of many happy clients. At the same time, we have only scratched the surface of what we will achieve. We are just getting started.


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We are a small, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial team. As a remote-first company, we are all over the map. The one thing that binds us together is that we are hellbent on increasing opportunity access.

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