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Our Story

Our mission is to unlock the earning potential of millions of more Americans.

Our economy is more complex than ever. One in four Americans lives somewhere with little or no economic growth. Meanwhile, tens of millions of city dwellers are increasingly squeezed by rising costs of living.

Placement provides a new way to move forward. We are Everyone’s Talent Agent, enabling our customers to land opportunities in fast-growing, affordable cities or in a remote role. By reducing friction and eliminating barriers to geographic mobility, our customers earn a bigger share of the country's economic growth.

We founded Placement because we experienced firsthand the transformative power of geographic mobility. With Placement, great opportunities become more accessible, with less headache and better results than going it alone.

our story


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Our Team

We are a small, customer-focused, and entrepreneurial team in downtown San Francisco, CA. We’re hellbent on increasing opportunity access.

Corporate Headquarters

431 Jessie Street
San Francisco, CA 94103