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Bryant is a career and Agile coach who takes the time to guide clients in building pathways to ensure short- and long-term career success. Career development is never linear so he takes the time to gain a thorough understanding of where you're currently at, evaluates your strengths/areas of growth, aligns your goals, and build a comprehensive plan that encompasses multiple pathways to get you to your career destination.

Bryant is an educator by trade and uses a mix of learning psychology and human-centered design to help you find fulfillment personally and professionally. He’s worked with a variety of clients ranging from Software Engineers, UX Designers, and executives by designing career development instructor-led sessions and one-on-one coaching models. Bryant has been able to make a tremendous impact in the tech space through coaching by working with startups, tech boot camps, and big tech companies to ensure employees have the tools needed to find joy in the work they do.

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  • Coached 1000 job seekers in tech
  • University of Illinois Urbana Champaign Masters Degree
  • Certified Agile Coach
  • Insights Discovery Certified Professional
  • 7 years learning and development professional
Information Technology
Human Resources
Project Management
Recruiting Staffing
Job Search Strategy
Career Direction
Resume Review
Interview Feedback
Negotiating Help
New Grad
Early Career
Mid Career
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