Colette Gardner

Colette is a trusted advisor in times of change and opportunity for individuals looking to start a career, pivot into a new career, advance within their current career, or “explore’ their passion.

Colette is a trusted advisor in times of change and opportunity for individuals looking to start a career, pivot into a new career, advance within their current career, or “explore’ their passion.

Full Bio

Colette has dedicated herself to supporting the professional development and success of clients and colleagues for 30 years. Her strength is her ability to hire, develop people, and lead teams, she provides support and clarity throughout the career journey. Colette brings her business acumen, intellectually vibrant approach, and customized solutions to ensure each client’s success. As an HR executive with organizational leadership experience, Colette brings strategic insight to her clients. Her industry experience is global and diverse; professional services, financial services, not-for-profit, private equity, retail and maritime include Deutsch Bank/Bankers Trust, ABN AMRO, Misys, Mitsubishi USA, Arthur Andersen, Cardiovascular Research Foundation, and Eagle Bulk Shipping. Colette has conducted countless interviews and advised hiring managers on the candidate selection process or hired directly at every level of diverse organizations. Her experience coaching hiring managers and candidates provide unique insight into what decision-makers are looking for.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Worked with recent graduates on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, and networking which resulted in multiple interviews and a job offer.
  • Successfully helped mid-level technology executive update resume and secure a new management position.
  • Worked with women re-entering the workforce after time away raising a family creating a resume, interview skills, and networking to find a position with balance.
  • Successfully supported a seasoned sales executive with resume updates and personal branding which led to a new business development role within a growth industry
  • Successfully supported a small business owner who sold her business to re-enter the corporate work environment.
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Cardiovascular Research Foundation
Board Member, Head of Compensation & Search Committee
Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co.
International Head of Human Resources
ING Bank
Head of Human Resources, Americas
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  • Hogan Leadership Assessment
  • iPEC - ELI – (Energy Leadership Index)
  • Hay Group - Style & Climate
  • DISC Certified Trainer
Financial Services
Investment Banking
Professional Services
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Customer Service
Human Resources
Legal Compliance
Recruiting Staffing
Job Search Strategy
Resume Review
Negotiating Help
New Grad
Early Career
Mid Career
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
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Describe your coaching style.

I listen, get to know and engage the client, hands-on, positive support.

Who is your ideal client and why?

Someone energetic, a lifelong learner, intellectually curious and thoughtful, and open to ideas and direction.

How do you measure success with a client?

When they realize their potential and are no longer stuck - the client has the answers, I support them to recognize and leverage their strengths.

What is your coaching superpower?

Get to know them as a person and support the whole person, work/life balance to find a position they enjoy.

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