Dee P.

I bring an integrative and strengths-based approach to coaching and career planning that encourages my clients to discover and own their strengths and apply them to their unique career goals. My intuitive personality, breadth of experience and training in coaching and adult development allow me to talk to the hearts of people and make them feel heard and seen.

Full Bio

Dee Polat, PCC, MPA, MA is an experienced and certified ICF coach, who offers personalized coaching services in the areas of professional development, career transition, personal growth, relationships, and leadership development. She has experience serving as a career and transition coach within higher education where she has successfully guided 1500+ job seekers to identify their needs, passions, and pain points, and create a plan to turn their passions into purposeful careers. Dee partners with professionals in career transition whether due to career growth, industry transition, job loss, or return to the workforce by offering a personalized coaching service that helps her clients gain insight into their higher selves and follow through on tasks needed to achieve their desired goals. Her expertise includes job search strategy, career exploration, resume development, LinkedIn profile development, cover letters, personal branding, networking, interview/negotiation coaching, and so much more.

Notable Client Achievements: Successful transition from aerospace to tech industry working as an analyst at Amazon Helped early careerists get hired across industries Helped re-launchers get back to work Guide senior executives through a complex leadership issue Helped client navigate life transitions including pregnancy and relocation

  • PCC- ICF Certified (500+ hours of coaching)
  • Master's in Leadership Studies - University of San Diego
  • Diploma in Coaching - New York University
  • Certified MBTI Practitioner
  • Clifton Strengths certified coach
  • IMPACT certified coach
  • Computer Software, Environmental Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, Media, Performing Arts, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Advertising, Government, Manufacturing, Non Profit
  • Jobs with functions like Business Development, Customer Service, Engineering, Software Development, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Project Management, Sales, Recruiting Staffing
  • Career Transition, Discover Skills And Strengths, Early Career, Experienced People Manager, Providing Interview Feedback, Asking For Introductions, Job Search Strategy, Experienced Individual Contributor, Leveraging Your Network, New Grads, New People Manager, Parenting, Personal Transformation, Writing Resumes, Time Management


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is holistic, intuitive, client-focused, and integrates my diverse cultural background and work experience. With a safe and warm presence, I use my training in adult development and coaching to frame things as an embodiment of who my clients are (and want to be) and empower them with the confidence and skills they need to see their purpose in life and lead a life of joy and fulfillment.

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal client is someone who is eager to unearth their unique capacities/strengths, recognize their blind spots, and effectively overcome them. Someone who is willing to be energized around their desired goals and does the work it takes to understand and grow.

How do you measure success with a client?

I think only the client can determine if our partnership was successful in helping them realize their goals. However, I make sure my clients have clarity around their stated goals and why achieving them is important to them. I partner with them to identify the steps and actions that they can use to assess and track progress. I also help them identify potential challenges to realizing their desired goals and equip them with the mindset and tools they need to overcome them.

What is your coaching superpower?

My coaching superpower is my ability to develop my clients' potential, see the possibilities they deny in themselves, and inspire conversations that lead to greater self-awareness and understanding. I have a passion for holding space for my clients to thrive using a personalized coaching style that’s informed by my intuition, empathy, and unique experiences.

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