Eric W.

30+ years of business and leadership experience ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations. 11 years and 5,000 hours of coaching experience. Specializes in leadership development from frontline managers to C-suite executives.

Full Bio

Eric has more than 30 years of experience as an accomplished leader and executive in the high-tech industry starting, running, and turning around tech firms in sizes ranging from the initial concept stage to publicly traded corporations. As a business leader he was focused on developing leaders and was directly involved in the advancement of hundreds of managers, directors, and vice-presidents. He has held several COO positions, at influential mid-size tech firms, as well as being an executive at Fortune 500 firms. Eric’s leadership and management experience in multiple functional areas has afforded him a broad experience and insight into technology, finance, marketing, sales and operations. As a leadership coach, Eric has been passionate about mentoring and coaching high potential employees to prepare them for significant career advancement. He has created and implemented leadership development programs for individuals and teams helping them to grow into management and executive roles. Eric loves working with new and emerging leaders as well as high-potential mid-level managers to prepare them for senior leadership and executive positions.

Eric has a deep understanding of what it takes to develop people into Influential Leaders and is passionate about helping others to achieve their professional goals while becoming the best versions of themselves in life. He is excited to help you do the same!

  • MBA from the University of Arizona
  • MBA from the University of Arizona
  • 3x successful business owner
  • Managed more than 700 employees throughout career
  • Coached more than 1500 leaders to higher levels of leadership and performance
  • Health Wellness Fitness, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Financial Services, Professional Services, Publishing, Retail, Logistics Supply Chain, Manufacturing
  • Jobs with functions like Accounting Auditing, Business Development, Customer Service, Engineering, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, Product Management, Project Management, Sales, Consulting
  • Early Career, Executives, Experienced People Manager, Experienced Individual Contributor, Leveraging Your Network, New People Manager
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