Jordan C.

As one of the first coaches focused solely on remote work, Jordan has worked with hundreds of clients helping them to design a lifestyle they love.

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Jordan has worked remotely since 2013, at a Fortune 50 company, multiple start-ups, and his own businesses, in various industries, roles which give him a broad perspective on what makes remote work successful and fulfilling.

An in-demand international speaker and remote work expert, he's lived and worked remotely from dozens of countries and spanning five continents. Thousands of remote job seekers have used Jordan's methodologies to find success in their remote job search. With relationships at the top remote companies and influence with high-performing remote talent, he's uniquely positioned to connect the two.

Jordan wants to help you design a remote life you love. Are you ready to work for it?


-Remote Jobs -Mid Career -Job Search Strategy -Mock Interviews -Life Coaching -Lifestyle Design -Productivity

  • 8+ years of remote experience
  • Helped thousands of job seekers find remote work
  • 4+ years of coaching experience
  • Computer Software, Information Technology, Professional Services
  • Staying Motivated, Finding Direction, Early Career, Providing Interview Feedback, Job Search Strategy, Experienced Individual Contributor, Effective Negotiations, Leveraging Your Network, New People Manager, Writing Resumes
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