Lanesha G.

15+ years of consulting and coaching individuals of all professional levels and backgrounds. Lanesha provides guidance to those who feel unfulfilled, unmotivated or unhappy with any aspect of their lives. She helps clients get out of their rut, achieve their goals and create a life they love.

Full Bio

Lanesha is a Certified Professional Life Coach, with supplementary Certifications in Happiness and Life Purpose niches. Her results-driven approach to coaching has helped hundreds of people not only identify the steps needed to significantly improve their lives, but also learn how to implement those steps in a way that produces a measurable change in various areas including their career, health, and wellness, relationships and others.

Lanesha’s educational background includes a minor in sociology, which enables her to have great insight into the intricacies of social relationships, social behaviors, as well as family dynamics, and society. This unique knowledge combined with her corporate background in Public Relations and years as a Life Coach gives her the ability to genuinely understand and connect with people from all walks of life and recognize how to incite real change in her clients.

Lanesha is trusted by her clients because she allows them to be themselves and shows them that who they are at the core is more than enough to accomplish any goals they may have – big or small. She gives clients the tools and proven strategies to eliminate any barriers that may block them from reaching their full potential along the way, whether that’s a lack of confidence, lack of motivation, or even a fear of failure. Lanesha becomes her clients’ accountability partner, biggest cheerleader, and major supporter as they go through the process of becoming the best version of themselves.

Expertise -Ability to help individuals transition their mindsets from that of primarily negative to positive in - order to bring more joy and happiness into their lives -Provides proven strategies and tools to incite complete transformations or measurable change in clients’ lives -Ability to help clients determine their true passion(s) and Purpose -Ability to guide clients to eliminate roadblocks that hinder them from reaching their goals (i.e. lack of confidence, stress, procrastination, burnout, lack of motivation) -Help clients build positive and productive habits and eliminate old, negative ones in order to become the best version of themselves.

  • 15 years as a PR professional for CEOs, executives, celebrities and some of the largest brands in the U.S.
  • Certified Professional Life Coach, with additional Certifications in Happiness and Life Purpose niches
  • Coached hundreds of individuals of various ages, professional levels and backgrounds
  • Educational background in sociology, combined with my PR background and life coaching, enables me to have an extraordinary understanding of people and their needs
  • Public Relations Communications, Marketing
  • Jobs with functions like Marketing
  • Staying Motivated, Finding Direction, Early Career, Executives, Experienced Individual Contributor, New Grads, New People Manager, Experienced People Manager
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