Nikki R.

Over 15+ years of HR leadership experience, serving clients as a Career Coach & Personal Branding expert, Nikki helps clients figure out what they want to do for a job or career and how to best go about landing offers. Her approach is to help clients figure out strategic goals with a focus on the tactical steps needed to achieve them while seeing it through the practical lens of a former HR leader that has experience in recruiting, hiring and managing others.

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Nikki is passionate about everyone finding the right fit for them, at each season of life, to attain job and career satisfaction. She especially loves to help clients figure out HOW to do this, with helpful insights, tools and action-oriented steps to get them there faster than they might reach on their own. When she worked in HR, her favorite aspect of it was recruiting and talent acquisition so she loves to “reverse engineer” that process by helping clients understand the labor market and what it takes to stand out amongst the competition.

Once a client figures out their WHAT, which Nikki loves to help them do, the magic is in the resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, value proposition, networking and interview practice coaching that she offers to clients to help them secure new job offers, internal opportunities or other relevant next steps towards their career dreams.

Her goal is to help you get the interview in the thing you’re most interested in and help you do well at it. She’s then available to practice negotiations so you can earn what you’re worth. She describes herself as a “simplicity and minimalist” fan that loves to breakdown coaching in a way that is straightforward and practical yet unbelievably powerful and impactful.

  • Over 2000+ hours of coaching individuals from new college grads to executives regarding career interests, personal branding, networking and mock interviews.
  • Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) from the National Career Development Association
  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
  • Authorized DISC Administrator and Behavioral Consult from Profiling Pro
  • Certified Digital Career Strategist from the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches
  • Associate of the Career Thought Leaders Consortium
  • Master’s in Human Resources and Labor Relations
  • Former VP of HR
  • Health Wellness Fitness, Construction, Financial Services, Healthcare, Hospitality, Mechanical Or Industrial Engineering, Professional Services, Real Estate, Logistics Supply Chain, Environmental Consulting
  • Jobs with functions like Human Resources, Recruiting Staffing
  • Early Career, Executives, Experienced People Manager, Providing Interview Feedback, Job Search Strategy, Experienced Individual Contributor, Effective Negotiations, Leveraging Your Network, New Grads, New People Manager, Writing Resumes
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