Stefanie B.

Senior technology executive with 25+ years in product development and strategy. Expertise includes mentoring & developing leaders, managing engineering teams, leading product strategy, managing cross-functional initiatives, driving org design, and leading M&A integration.

Full Bio

Stefanie works with executives and leaders to cut through the clutter and focus on outcomes while growing relationships and engagement. Drawing upon the analysis of an engineer, the discernment of an observer, the calm of a pragmatist, and the wisdom that comes from bountiful experience, Stefanie guides clients to execute with precision, be successful in new roles, overcome overwhelm, and increase leadership impact. In her coaching, Stefanie draws upon her 25+ years of technical leadership expertise, which includes moving quickly into management to draw on relational skills, leading product strategy as one of ten senior executives reporting to the CEO, spearheading a transformational software strategy for business relevance revival, leading numerous R&D teams and cross-functional initiatives and making fearless decisions with clarity on which hills she was willing to die upon.

Notable Client Achievements

  • Coached a mid-level manager to challenge her limiting beliefs and confront her impostor syndrome, which allowed her to pursue better career opportunities.

  • Coached a newly promoted VP to operate at a higher level, including better relationships with his peers, creating clear goals for his team, and finding his voice in high-stakes group settings.

  • Coached an Executive VP to improve his influence strategy with the C-Suite and CEO.

  • 25+ Years of Technology Leadership Experience
  • Certified Executive Coach
  • 100 + hours of coaching experience
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Electronic Equipment Instruments Components
Software Development
Product Management
Project Management
Mid Career
New People Manager
Experienced People Manager
Goal Clarification
Performance Productivity
Internal Mobility
Relationship Building
Managing Up
Interpersonal Communication
Team Building
Providing Feedback
Executive Presence


Describe your coaching style.

My coaching style is personable, warm, approachable, and client-centered. I’m always fully present for my clients, listening to understand, asking powerful questions to allow my client to uncover the correct answer for themselves, and ensuring my client is always moving forward to achieving their goals. I also draw from my tremendous wealth of personal experience to be empathetic and understand the challenges my clients are facing. This allows me to give counsel and make relevant suggestions when appropriate and with my client’s permission. Above all, I’m truly interested in the personal and professional success for my clients and partner with them to achieve their goals.

Who is your ideal client and why?

My ideal client is a Director-level to Sr VP leader in a small to mid-sized technology company who has high integrity and is already successful with a desire to grow and increase their impact. Given my background in technology leadership roles, leaders in R&D and product management are ideal clients. Also, since I’m a woman engineer, I connect with other women leaders in technology leadership positions given our shared experiences (however, I do not exclusively coach women)Given my experience in technology leadership positions, I’m ideally suited to coach leaders in this space. I’ve lived their challenges, grown from an individual contributor to a Sr VP on the CEO’s staff, and understand how engineers think and approach problems. My coaching comes from experience, which allows me to connect with my clients on a deep level, build trust, and guide their development.

How do you measure success with a client?

We set goals for the engagement before we start working together, including agreeing on the goals with the client's sponsor. At least monthly, we review the stated goals to ensure they are still relevant and that we are making forward progress.

What is your coaching superpower?

My coaching superpower is asking powerful questions to move them forward towards their goals.

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