Zach W.

5+ years of experience working as a Software Engineer at a major tech company turned full-time transformational life coach. Zach helps people discover their true passions and overcome any limiting beliefs holding them back, so they find a career they love.

Full Bio

Zach is a former software engineer with over 5 years of experience at a major tech company turned full-time transformational life coach.

What makes Zach so unique is that he trained and worked as a Software Engineer, but also is a coach that works with all levels from entry level through mid-level managers.

Since many people are chasing a career path, Zach’s priority is to help them gain clarity on their goals, passions, and desires. He also works with his clients to help them build their personal brand and story and acquire the tactical skills needed to make a career change including resume and LinkedIn reviews, mock interview preparation and job search strategy.

Zach’s mission is to help others who come from challenging and unfortunate backgrounds, find and create meaning in their lives regardless of their circumstances. His own experiences have given him a very unique perspective on life that not many men his age have. He understands people on a very deep level and his specialty is getting to the core problem holding people back so they can break through faster and unlock their full potential.


  • Creating a life vision, purpose, and powerful goals
  • Helping clients overcome limiting beliefs and discover their passion
  • Communication Training
  • Self-Confidence Training
  • Self-Compassion Training
  • Productivity Training
  • Networking Training
  • Resume Review
  • Job Interviewing
  • Job Search Strategy
  • Brand building
  • Content Creation Training
  • Transformational Life Coach
  • 5 Years of Experience as a Software Engineer
  • Certified Scrum Master
  • 10+ Years of Experience as a Content Creator / Storyteller
  • 200k+ Followers on Tiktok
Health Wellness Fitness
Computer Software
Performing Arts
Professional Services
Marketing Advertising
Enterprise Software
+ more
Software Development
Informaton Technology
New Grad
Early Career
Mid Career
Job Search Strategy
Career Direction
Interview Feedback
Improve At Networking
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