Benefits of ExecNet Membership

Updated Aug 12, 20223 min

Benefits of ExecNet Membership

Updated Aug 12, 20223 min
Benefits of ExecNet Membership

Benefits of ExecNet Membership

Updated Aug 12, 20223 min

Benefits of ExecNet Membership

Updated Aug 12, 20223 min
Benefits of ExecNet Membership

Your earning potential is no longer constrained by where you live.

As a coach, trainer, or advisor your earnings used to be limited by your location. But, as remote work becomes ubiquitous, proximity to opportunity is no longer the bottleneck to building a great professional development business.

Today, you can share your expertise with people halfway across the world without leaving your home office. The problem is – so can everyone else.

In this new paradigm, those who build the strongest networks will end up accessing the best opportunities. That’s why we started ExecNet.

What is ExecNet?

ExecNet is an exclusive network of coaches, mentors, trainers, and experts who help individuals and organizations unlock their full potential. Those who are accepted into ExecNet get access to:

  • A community of incredible, like-minded practitioners

  • Client engagement opportunities via Placement, the premier destination for individuals seeking a coach, and Exec, the high-performance platform for companies

  • Passive-income earning opportunities

  • A suite of powerful coaching tools

  • Health and other benefits through our partner

"ExecNet gives me a good platform for taking on extra leadership coaching clients and for showcasing articles with relevant topics." – Mitch

"I enjoy the diversity of client backgrounds and really interesting people who expand my world. The coaching provides a heightened awareness of the abundance of talent and opportunity." – Colette

"I like the platform and the lack of pressure to take on more clients. It's supplemental to me and that's embraced." – Franklin

Ways to earn income via ExecNet

  • Conduct Sessions With Clients –The primary way members earn money is by conducting sessions through the platform. You set your price and get paid for each session you conduct.

  • Customer Conversions – If you meet with a potential client and they convert from an intro call to a package of credits you earn up to a 10% reward of the credits they purchase.

  • Referral Bonuses – When you refer a new customer (an individual or a company), you get a 10% reward of all credits that the customer purchases for 6 months. For example, you can post your referral link on your LinkedIn Page and earn money from anyone who signs up – even if you don’t know them and they don’t choose to work directly with you!

  • Write Articles –As domain experts, we believe that our coaches can be valuable contributors to our learning library. Members can be paid for each article at a rate of 4 credits per published article.

How to Become an ExecNet Member

To become a new member you'll need to meet our minimum requirements that are outlined here and submit an application.

Once we receive and review your application, we will schedule an introductory call to help you get set up.

To become a full member and gain access to the full suite of network benefits, you'll have three months to:

  • Earn at least 10 credits on the platform

  • Perform at least 5 client sessions through the Placement or Exec platforms

  • Earn an average 4.5-star rating or above from your clients

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