Benefits of joining Exec as a Coach

Updated Apr 2, 20243 min
Benefits of joining Exec as a Coach

Benefits of joining Exec as a Coach

Updated Apr 2, 20243 min
Benefits of joining Exec as a Coach

Your earning potential is no longer constrained by where you live.

Being a coach used to mean your income was limited by your locale, but the ubiquity of remote work has shattered these traditional boundaries. Now, you can share your expertise with clients across the globe, all from the comfort of your home office. The problem is – so can everyone else. In this new paradigm, the key to success lies in building a robust network to unlock the best opportunities. That’s why we started Exec.

What is Exec? Exec is a talent development platform that partners with organizations like SAP, JP Morgan, and Campbell’s, to design and launch custom coaching and training programs that leverage our powerful software platform and highly-vetted network of providers. Companies choose to work with Exec because of our:

  • Highly Curated Network of Coaches & Trainers: We've vetted over 12,000 coaches and facilitators, collaborating only with the top 2% of applicants.

  • Extensive Selection of Talent Development Services: We offer an array of services that organizations can use to design tailored programs, targeting executive development, manager growth, and high potential employees (HIPOs).

  • Innovative Credit System: Our unique system allows companies to maximize their talent development budgets, ensuring no expenditure goes to waste.

The coaches and trainers who are accepted to join Exec get access to:

  • Access to coaching and training engagements from reputable companies.

  • Opportunities to earn passive income through our referral program.

  • A powerful suite of coaching tools.

Ways to earn income via Exec

  • Coaching Clients –The primary way members earn money is by conducting coaching and sessions through the platform. You set your price and get paid for each engagement.

  • Training & Group Sessions – If you are an experienced trainer or facilitator, we can share your group offerings with our clients who may book you for virtual or on-site sessions.

  • Referral Bonuses – When you refer a new customer (an individual or a company), you get a 10% reward of all credits that the customer purchases for the 12 months after their first purchase.

How to Become an Exec Member

To become a member, you need to meet our eligibility criteria listed here and submit an application. Upon receipt and review of your application, we will schedule a phone screen interview. To become a preferred member and gain full access to network benefits, you'll need to accrue at least 10 credits on the platform via bookings or warm introductions. More about our referral program will be discussed during your call with our co-founder.

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