Here's How to Get Your Online Application to Stand Out

Updated May 11, 2021 3 min

You've finally pressed "submit" on the job application that's taken you over an hour to complete. Whew! Freedom! You're all done with that now, right?

Not quite. If you really want to stand out for a job, send a quick note following up with the hiring manager after submitting your application. This puts you directly on the hiring manager's radar and positions you as a real human being rather than just an online application submitted through their website.

This final step is quick and easy. Trust us. It's worth the extra five minutes!

Here's what you can say in an email to follow up on your application submission:

Hi [Hiring Manager],

I just submitted my application for the [insert job title] position (resume attached). I'm really excited about the opportunity to contribute to your team and [insert key priority for the role].

I'm looking forward to talking with you and hearing more about what initiatives your team is currently working on. I'll send you a note in the coming weeks if we don't talk sooner.


[Your Name]

Let's review what this email does well:

  • Shows enthusiasm

  • Includes a resume for easy reference

  • Exhibits desire to add value to the team

  • Demonstrates proactive communication (both by writing this email and by acknowledging you'll follow up in the coming weeks if you haven't heard anything)

Of course, it's essential that you actually follow up in 1-2 weeks if you haven't heard anything. By doing so, you'll demonstrate reliability and enthusiasm. We recommend setting a calendar reminder to send another note if you haven't already heard back about next steps.