Give the gift of Placement

Updated Nov 16, 20212 min
Give the gift of Placement

Give the gift of Placement

Updated Nov 16, 20212 min
Give the gift of Placement

Is your loved one struggling through a job search or contemplating a career change? Making big career moves can be challenging and lonely work. Constantly evolving employer expectations and market demands make it difficult for people at all stages in their careers. 

Career coaching by Placement is the perfect gift for your loved one. With Placement’s flexible credit model, they work with an expert career coach of their choice on strategy, resumes, interview prep, negotiations and more. People love working with us. 

Placement Career Coaches tailor their approach to each client so no matter where your loved one is in their journey, they can achieve their unique career goals faster. We help clients land dream jobs, make more money, improve confidence, find direction, become unstuck, secure more interviews, build a network, and become happy in their careers.  

Our Career Coaches are ready to help accelerate the career of your loved one.

Simply send us an email at letting us know the following:

  1. How many coaching credits would you like to give? 

    1. Introduction 25-minute session = $19 (discounted .5 credit)

    2. Add credit packages for steeper discounts

      1. 1 credit = $175

      2. 2 credits = $299 ($150/credit) *most popular

      3. 4 credits = $499 ($125/credit)

      4. 8 credits = $880 ($110/credit)

  2. What is the name and email address of the recipient?

  3. On which date would you like the recipient to receive the gift?

  4. What message should we include and do you want your name included?

One of our teammates will get you all set up!

Click here to send us an email

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