He Was Forced to Pivot When COVID Hit - Now He's Thriving at a Startup

Updated May 11, 2021 4 min

“Having a Career Coach by my side was like having someone in my corner all the time to encourage me when needed, and willing to push me when necessary.”

Meet Funnel Leasing’s Senior Customer Success Manager, Patrick Watkins!  After having a successful career with Eventbrite, Covid forced a layoff.  Since the “events” world was at a complete halt, Patrick knew he would need a partner to help him move forward and secure a technology position.  He didn’t just want to find a job, he wanted to continue his career with the next best opportunity.  He found Placement and was able to take that giant leap.  Patrick journey is told here:

You live in Nashville and went to school in Tennessee to study communication.  What were your career goals upon graduation?  Did you find abundant opportunities post University?

My career goals at first were to just get a job! At the time the economy was still reeling from the effects of the recession, so my sense was that I couldn’t be picky. However, as I began looking out into the job market, my level of discernment started to increase. This especially rang true after several years of working “a job” in retail. It took time for me to find a place to land, but when I did it was especially fruitful. 

You were laid off from a career with Eventbrite due to Covid, an unfortunate trend that many people faced.  What emotions were you feeling at the time? 

Anxiety, sadness, fear, but mostly sadness. The fact that I wasn’t able to have a proper goodbye with many of my coworkers who I had worked--and shared a lot of life--with for almost 6 years was really tough. I knew that I would eventually land on my feet somewhere, so that wasn’t the real issue. It was the lack of closure on such a formidable time in my life that was difficult to overcome.

Being a career pivoter can be very exciting but also conjure up fear for many.  Tell us why you felt Placement was the right support for changing career paths?  Why were you originally drawn to us?

I was originally drawn to Placement because I knew I was going to need help not only finding a new job, but also finding a new job in a new field. I also knew that I was going to need a partner in the process--someone that was equally invested in the process. If they were going to succeed then I was going to succeed as well. So many organizations in the space seem self serving and unhelpful, but not Placement. Within the first few minutes of my initial meeting with Placement, I knew that they were different. Everyone was so thoughtful, kind, and truly cared about me. That made all the difference. 

What made the job seeking experience different having a Career Coach by your side?  What were some of the most useful aspects of this personal touch?

The accountability coupled with the true partnership. The objectivity they provided in a process that is incredibly subjective and difficult to navigate was epic. Having a Career Coach by my side was like having someone in my corner all the time to encourage me when needed, and willing to push me when necessary. I don’t think I would have sustained the process without that support. 

What did you like about the app and what did you find most useful?  

I loved how intuitive and simplistic the process was laid out. It really helped to organize and simplify all the crazy amounts of information you’re sorting through every day.

What was the biggest tip you received from your Career Coach that contributed to you securing your position?

 To say focused on the mission at hand and to trust the process! 

Where are you working now, and tell us what keeps you busy day to day?

I’m currently working at Funnel Leasing--a multifamily leasing software startup. What keeps me busy day to day? Everything! Life in a small startup means that everyone does everything, but it’s a great place.  

What wisdom would you impart to job seekers teetering between job seeking on their own or partnering with Placement for their job search?

Only you know what’s best for yourself, but if you truly want to get to that next level and gain the most value for what you have to offer I couldn’t recommend Placement enough. Sure you can try to do it on your own, but why would you want to? The investment in Placement is an investment in yourself...what could be more important than that.