Neuron Prime Overview

Updated Jun 11, 202420 min
Neuron Prime Overview

Neuron Prime Overview

Updated Jun 11, 202420 min
Neuron Prime Overview

👋 Hi there, 

If you’re reading this document, it means that we’re strongly considering your application to join the Neuron Prime Network. The goal of this document is to give you context about our platform and partnership so you can make an informed decision about moving to the next stage.

What is Neuron Prime?

Neuron Prime is an AI services organization with a mission to enable individuals and organizations to adapt to a world of accelerating change by giving them access to specialized programs and services that blend human experts and AI tools to drive positive transformation.

Our organization is the result of a joint partnership between:

  • The Neuron – A media company that keeps over 400,000 people up to date on the latest tools, technologies, and changes in artificial intelligence

  • Exec – A talent development platform that has vetted over 16,000 coaches, trainers, and consultants and works with less than 1.5% of applicants.

Our Origin

What We Offer Clients

As a result of our partnership, we can offer our clients...

  • Updates & Insights on the AI Landscape – Our media arm ensures we're always the first to know about new developments in AI.

  • World-Class AI Talent – Our extensive reach allows us to influence and recruit world-class AI tacticians, consultants, and trainers to bring to our clients

  • Extensive Experience Delivering Impactful Programs – We've designed transformative programs for organizations like JPMorgan Chase, SAP, and the American Heart Association

  • A Powerful Platform for Program Design and Management – Using our platform, clients can design and manage robust multi-modal programs.

Our Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Why Join the Neuron Prime Network?

The Neuron Prime network brings together a vetted group of coaches, trainers, facilitators, and consultants who are excited about enabling the AI transition. As an organization we connect our members with opportunities to bring their skills to the individuals and organizations that need them most.

  • Win new clients without selling – We take care of the sales process so you can do what you do best.

  • Attract the right type of clients – Get matched with quality clients who are aligned with your specialty.

  • Don’t stress about getting paid – Credits land in your account as soon as your engagement ends. Payments are issued twice per month.

  • Earn passive income – We make it easy for you to earn money when you help bring business into the network.

Our Referral Program

One reason that we’re able to be a consistent source of bookings for the members of our network is because of our referral program. It allows new members to start off on the platform with business and gives our established members a reliable way to get new bookings. Here are a few reasons why coaches like this system:

Income earning opportunities Simply by connecting us to a new client, you earn 10% of whatever credits that client ultimately purchases from the introduction. So, if a client buys 1,000 credits, you would earn 100 credits (which translates to $6,000 of income!).

We do the selling for you All you need to do is provide a warm introduction, and we will handle the rest. You can be as involved or hands-off as you want to be.

Early bookings On top of the income you generate from the referral, you get a priority position to service the account that you referred to Neuron Prime.

Preferred Member status By referring business to Neuron Prime, you’ll be elevated to Preferred Member status. That means you'll be first in line to access opportunities that come in from our wider network (including The Neuron Daily's 400k person audience).

How the Referral Process Works

Our referral process is designed to make it easy for you to introduce Neuron Prime to your network while also respecting the time and desires of your contacts. Here’s how it works:

  1. We send you a list of your Linkedin contacts who we think would benefit from our offering

  2. You let us know who’s a fit and who you’d be willing to forward an introduction to

  3. We send you personalized intro requests for each person

  4. You forward them with some context and connect us if the person is interested.

We believe in “double-opt in introductions” and only target individuals we think would benefit from our offering.

Next Steps

We hope this document has given you some useful context on Neuron Prime. Undoubtedly you will still have plenty of questions that we can answer during the rest of the application/onboarding process.

If you feel ready to proceed to the next stage of the application process, please email Nick ( to let him know you’re ready to proceed to the next stage. After that email, here’s how the rest of the process works:

  1. The partners meet to discuss the applications of any interested members. You can expect to receive a decision from us within a week of your email.

  2. If you’re invited to join the network, you’ll receive an agreement form to sign, we’ll conduct a background check, and gather references from the contacts you gave us in the initial form you filled out.

  3. From there, we will start getting you set up on the platform and kicking off the referral process.

If you have any questions on anything you’ve read in this document, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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