She Went From Jobless to Dropbox – Here's How

Updated Dec 21, 20225 min
She Went From Jobless to Dropbox – Here's How

She Went From Jobless to Dropbox – Here's How

Jolie BrownUpdated Dec 21, 20225 min
She Went From Jobless to Dropbox – Here's How

Meet Dropbox Product Marketing Manager, Emily Donohoo!

Emily began job seeking in March 2020 at the onset of the pandemic and just knew she’d need support with the entire process. So she partnered with Placement, worked with one of our talented Career Coaches, and put in the hard work. After revamping her resume, cover letter, online profile, and sharpening her interview skills, she landed not one...but 2 job offers!  🎉🎉

Here, Emily tells her story.

Tell us your background and what job-seeking was like prior to Placement. 

When I first came to Placement, It was early March 2020 - it was a strange time for everyone. I could tell that the pandemic was really going to affect my job search. I had been looking in earnest since October and had been out of work since December. Job seeking before Placement was fairly reactive and not very strategic. While you believe the interview process should be a two-way street, it felt like the employer really had the negotiating power at this point in time. Additionally, I had a certain amount of fear of job seeking while being unemployed so it was great to have a coach for support through the entire journey.  

What ultimately led you to decide to partner with Placement? 

I knew Placement had the experience from the recruiter's perspective and knowledge of the tech industry landscape. It was important for me to have that support and guidance to assist me in navigating my search effectively. 

How do you think the support of a Career Coach changed the playing field for your personal success? 

It is hard to get rejected and maintain momentum...period. Layering in the uncertainty of covid and a job transition... I knew I needed a lot of support. I already had an incredibly supportive community, but we're all dealing with a lot on our own so it’s hard to tap into that support system on a constant basis.

Knowing that I had the continuous support of a dedicated Career Coach to guide me to success kept me honest, consistent, and positive.

My coach had the knowledge about marketing roles that helped me both center around what I really wanted and expand to roles, industries, and companies that I hadn't considered. My career coach was so wonderfully supportive and I knew I had someone as invested in my success as I was. 

Which of the tools on Placement did you find most helpful to your job search?  

The “Practice” section that allows you to practice interview questions, record them, and send them to your career coach for feedback, was incredibly helpful. Practicing interview questions is key to telling your story in an interview and I found that feature truly pivotal to my interview skills improvement. 

What was your experience with roles you found on Placement?  Did you feel they targeted roles more precisely than the multitude of job boards out there in the ether? 

It was great to have one space you can consistently visit for the best leads. There are so many job boards and trying to keep track of which roles are where can be very confusing and time-consuming. With Placement’s job leads, I didn't have to fear that I was going to miss a posting because I only had the bandwidth to visit and filter one job board that day.  Placement sources the best roles for you with their great matching filters. It saved me hours of search time not having to scroll through gobs of job sites! 

What was the approach that landed you your job?

Consistency. Continuing the search after a rejection, keeping that pipeline full, and refining based on what I learned. In the end, I had 2 competing offers that were really hard to choose from!

Where are you working and what do you do in your new position?

 I'm in a contract role for Dropbox as a Product Marketing Manager. It’s exciting stuff!

For individuals who are considering Placement but haven't quite committed, what advice would you give them? 

Placement can help you see different approaches and consider things you may not have seen on your own. Besides landing a job, I now have a revamped resume, cover letter, headshot, online profile, and new skills when I need to start a new search in the future.  I think the pricing structure is incredibly fair and 100% worth it. Additionally, I really can't put a price on having a Career Coach. There are not enough great things I can say about it! Thank you to the entire Placement team! 🙌

Jolie Brown
25+ years of experience in business and mentorship. She is a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) and has guided 200+ young professionals to find job success. Work with Jolie through Placement today.

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