Client Engagement Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Apr 2, 20243 min
Client Engagement Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Client Engagement Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Apr 2, 20243 min
Client Engagement Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

This article will answer some frequently asked questions about the client engagement process.

How do companies select coaches for their programs?

When designing a new coaching program for a company we typically work with the project sponsor to assemble a bench of coaches that match their preferences around:

  • Budget

  • Credentials & Experience

  • Industry and Function Alignment

  • Other specialties

Based on the client’s answers we will search our database of coach profiles and build a list of coaches that match their preferences. 

The company reviews and provides feedback on our list which allows us to configure a finalized bench of coaches.

How do employees select coaches to work with?

When a coaching program is launched, participating employees will get invited to their company’s workspace and answer a series questions of that us help rank the coaches that have been curated by the company in order of:

  • Specialty alignment with the client’s needs

  • Function & Industry Overlap

  • Availability

  • Previous ratings & client retention

Employees can scroll through coach profiles until they find a coach they’d like to book an intro session with. Our platform allows employees to book intro sessions with multiple coaches. We’ve found those who try out multiple coaches are more likely to stick with their chosen coach for the long term.

Note: Preferred Members (coaches who have earned at least 10 credits via referrals or delivering services) will show up ahead of regular members in the match flow. 

How do companies book group engagements like training or facilitation sessions? 

Let’s say a company wants to book a workshop on giving feedback and having difficult conversations. Our first step will be to show the program sponsor a list of existing workshops in our system that our coaches have submitted. In this case, we might share with them the following workshops:

From here the client will let us know which coaches they’d like to meet for a 30-minute fit conversation. After the fit conversation, the client will decide if they’d like the coach to submit a proposal. The proposal process may involve more than one round of negotiation.

Once a proposal is accepted, Exec will have the client sign an agreement to ensure they have enough credits in their account to cover payment for the event.

As soon as an agreement is signed, Exec will connect the coach with the client to schedule sessions, customize content and develop program comms.

Note: Exec will begin submitting workshops from coaches to clients once the coach has made a good-faith attempt to connect Exec with individuals in their network.

After making warm introductions, how soon should I expect to start getting new coaching business through Exec?

Once you send and follow up on the agreed-upon warm intro emails, Exec will begin the process of suggesting you as a bench coach to prospective clients.

In order to land new coaching clients through the platform several things need to happen that are not in our direct control:

  1. A prospective client must agree to purchase credits from Exec (our sales cycle typically takes 3-6 months on average)

  2. The client must select you as a bench coach for their program.

  3. An employee needs to book an intro session with you

  4. That employee needs to resonate enough with the intro session in order to book follow on sessions

All that is to say that building a book of business through Exec is not always a quick process and is dependent on forces that we do not completely control.

While you wait for bookings we will also circulate your profile for one-off coaching requests or training requests, if you have an offering that matches a client’s needs.

What happens with the prospective clients I introduce to Exec?

When you introduce prospective clients to Exec, we put them through our consultative, enterprise sales process. Outbound introductions can take some time (and a lot of shoe leather) to convert into closed sales. Our team works with contacts to assess their needs, design programs, and secure their budgets on the timelines that work for their organization.

If a client you've introduced decides to buy credits, we will promptly inform you. For a period of one year following the initial purchase, you're eligible to receive 10% of any credits that the client purchases.

We also aim to maximize the benefits of your introductions. If the client wishes to utilize services that align with your skills, we will strongly advocate for you to be their service provider. Regardless of the client's choice of service provider, your earnings from the credit purchases remain unchanged - you will receive 10% of the credits that the company purchases.

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