Crafting Your Pitch

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90% of decisions are made in the first 3 minutes of an interview. So, perfecting how you introduce yourself is essential. Your introductory statement, also called your "pitch" is most impactful when it's part of a consistent story you tell across networking conversations, your resume, cover letters, and interview question responses.

To ensure you impress each and every person you talk to, go through this playbook before starting your job search to nail down your memorable personal story. This playbook will walk you through exactly how to do that, from how to generate ideas on what makes you a uniquely awesome candidate to easy ways to instantly come across as more confident.

Playbook Steps
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Read "Crafting Your Elevator Pitch" article and complete the prompts
Master the art of confidently delivering your pitch
Practice answering "Tell me about yourself" until you feel confident
Use your elevator pitch in the "real world" anytime you introduce yourself or get the interview question "Tell me about yourself." Keep tweaking and evolving it until it feels just right!

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