Michael M.

30 years’ experience coaching across industries, functions, and geographies, emphasizing those interested in switching careers from unique backgrounds. Has helped thousands of job seekers at early, mid-career, and senior levels.

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Michael has 30 years of experience coaching across a range of industries, functions, and geographies. Having led career management teams at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Columbia Business School, Michael has coached thousands of professionals seeking to advance their careers. He’s also worked extensively with early-career professionals to explore and target career paths, and senior professionals seeking leadership opportunities in their industries.

With extensive knowledge of hiring practices across industries, Michael has helped thousands of job seekers who felt lost to identify their strengths and then the industries and roles that would most highly value their skills. He has worked with organizations to design thoughtful and inclusive hiring processes, and can share what these organizations are seeking from their future hires. Michael also taught job search courses including career assessment, industry research, resume & cover letter writing, interviewing, and negotiation.

  • Former Associate Dean, Columbia Business School
  • Former Director, Career Education & Advising, Columbia Business School
  • Former Managing Director, Career Management, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University
  • Career and Executive Coach
  • Consultant, Graduate school admissions
  • DEI Certification, University of South Florida, May2021
  • Computer Software, Consumer Goods, Education, Financial Services, Healthcare, Internet, Management Consulting, Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, Consulting, Non Profit, Financial Management
  • Jobs with functions like Education, Management
  • Finding Direction, Early Career, Executives, Providing Interview Feedback, Job Search Strategy, Experienced Individual Contributor, Effective Negotiations, Leveraging Your Network, New Grads, Writing Resumes, New People Manager, Experienced People Manager
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