The fastest path to a better job

Upgrade your life at work with our EPIC process

Together we’ll discover which cities, roles, and employers are best for you.


Level up your application package, resume, online presence, and interview skills.


Interview with targeted employers and get friendly feedback every step of the way.


Get paid what you deserve with our expert negotiation help.


1 week

Check your earning power

Find out how much you could earn in places across the country. We automatically adjust for differences in cost of living so you can compare apples-to-apples.

Discover new cities

Find a place where you belong. We’ll suggest places with strong growth and good affordability, in your region or across the country. We did all the research so you don’t have to.

Leverage your strengths

Get the best results by leaning into things you’re good at. See an honest assessment of your top skills. Maybe uncover a secret superpower with our aptitude test.


2-3 weeks

Clear up your strategy

Taking your skills, background, and interests into account, we’ll identify which jobs and industries to target. We use a lot of data to give you powerful insights.

Perfect your application

Our team has the inside scoop on what gets noticed in your profile, both by employers and algorithms. You’ll get a standout elevator pitch, online profile, resume, and application package.

Sound great in interviews

Practice answering real interview questions and get friendly feedback that improves your performance. Jump into your first real interviews with well-earned confidence.


4-8 weeks

Less time on job boards

Our technology sifts through millions of job openings to find many, highly relevant opportunities in your target. We connect you with employers that are excited to hear from you.

Ace the numbers game

Our collaborative technology keeps you organized throughout the interview process, regardless of how many employers you meet with. Always be on the ball.

An expert in your pocket

Your talent agent is your sounding board at every step, just a message away and ready to help. Ease the pressure and win bigger with us backing you.


1 week

Negotiate like a pro

Get what they’re willing to pay with our negotiation advice. Know what to ask for, how to approach the conversation, and role play to prepare.

Relocate with less stress

Our relocation concierge will connect you with the resources and advice you need to find the right neighborhood, set up your commute, and more.

Access our partnership network

We partner with top companies who provide Placement customers big discounts on real-estate services, continuing education, and more.

Placement pays for itself

  • Pay nothing until you succeed.
  • Then, share your income when you do.
Current Income, before taxes
Future Income, before taxes
Future bill from Placement

10% of your monthly income for 18 months

Future pre-tax income (after monthly bill)

We invest in you

  • Placement is unlike any recruiting or staffing firm. We partner directly with you to help you win.
  • Our goal is to back you for decades to come as you build your career.

Common questions

What options do you offer?

Currently we offer a single package. It's simple – we do everything it takes to help you land a great new job.

How much does it cost?

Up to 10% of your monthly income for 18 months. There is no upfront payment – you only pay when you start your new job.

You never pay more than $9,000 and stop paying us if your cumulative payments hit this number.

For high-income customers, the payment period will be under one year. We also offer the option to buy out the income share early.

What is an income share?

An income share means you agree to pay us a percent of your income for a defined amount of time. We are investing in you! Income shares are beneficial for you because you only pay once you're hired, and you don't pay if you get laid off. We take a risk on our customers because we believe in their capacity to succeed.