Flexible, Simple Outplacement

Affordable outplacement services for employees at every level. Deploy in under 7 days.
4.9 Average Session Rating

Flexible, Simple Outplacement

Affordable outplacement services for employees at every level. Deploy in under 7 days.
4.9 Average Session Rating
Trusted by talent from top companies

Help them land on their feet

Mitigate the risk and cost of career transition
Accelerate Their Success
Candidates get truly effective support through 1:1 coaching to make their transition successful.
Protect Your Employer Brand
Prevent bad online reviews and show continuing employees that you treat transitioning employees fairly.
Deploy Quickly
With our easy-to-use technology and vetted coaches, you can go live as soon as today.
Options for Every Budget
Yes, you can afford outplacement. From junior staff to senior executives, we have a program that fits.

Powerful services for outbound employees

Powerful services for outbound employees

Regardless of job title, experience, or location, Placement has you covered.
Our 100% remote coaching experience has 99% satisfaction.

Life Coaching
Career Direction
Job Search Strategy
Negotiation Strategy
Resume Reviews
LinkedIn Reviews
Mock Interviews
Skill Development

See what participants are saying

With my coach, I developed more sustainable ways to grow at a point in my life where I felt like I was stagnating. Thank you Placement!
Boise, ID
My coaching sessions really help me improve my communication with my team. I feel more confident talking about areas of improvement and process changes.
New York, NY
I am literally making just shy of DOUBLE my highest salary. I couldn't have done any of it without Placement. Again, I cannot say enough good things. You truly have a team behind you every step of the way, and MAN what a difference it makes.
Oakland, CA
Placement gave me back my confidence. They gave me the tools to believe in myself and show that confidence. I can't recommend them enough!
Los Angeles, CA
I had an incredible experience with Placement. The greatest benefit to me was in the coaching and support from my career coach. He provided the confidence and discipline that were needed to land ‘The One.’
Nashville, TN
My coach can see the bigger picture and maintain a calm presence no matter how we show up. Her dedication to her craft is noticeable, and I am grateful that I've gotten to work with her.
Los Angeles, CA
My coach came very prepared. We achieved more in 30 minutes that I would have in hours of trying to plan things on my own. I look forward to my next session.
Seattle, WA
My coach was amazing at providing feedback with no judgment about my situation! I am really excited about the course we charted together.
Los Angeles, CA
Working with my coach has been game-changing. He helps me establish priorities, develop an action plan, and continually hit my goals!
New York, NY


Get set up in no time

Choose your packages

You determine what level of investment to make. Build your packages to fit within your budget.

Decide who gets access

Provide us with information about your outbound employees. We can send them all the information they need or we provide you with the tools you need.

Recipients move forward

Your outbound employees will choose the coach and services they want to book. They are empowered to move at their own pace.

A seamless, modern experience

World-class coaches. Incredible technology. Successful transitions.
Choose from our world-class, vetted coaches
Instantly schedule a time that works for you
Meet 1:1 with your coach in digital sessions
Message with your coach for effective accountability

Meet a few of our coaches

Invest In Your Employees

Placement uses a credit-based system. You buy credits and distribute them to employees for coaching services. The more credits you purchase at once, the greater the discount! There are no annual contracts or per-employee fees.

Build Your Package

Silver Support
3 credits + intro call / employee
Get them back on their feet
See example journeys
Number of Employees
Gold Support
6 credits + intro call / employee
Support through a career transition
Number of Employees
Platinum Support
9 credits + intro call / employee
Deep guidance around career and life direction
Number of Employees
Order Summary
Total credits
0 credits
Price per credit
Package total
Avg. Price Per Employee
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Have questions, want to explore coaching for your continuing employees, or need a custom package?
Common Questions
How does the credit system work?

The credit system was designed to give your organization maximum flexibility.

With a package of credits, you and your employees can book sessions with coaches and mentors or training workshops.

We offer volume pricing, so you save when you invest more in your employee development.

What control do I have over employee utilization?

With Exec, you have the ability to control:

  • How many credits each employee can use within a designated time frame

  • Which session types they can book

  • Specific coaches are available to your organization

  • Which coaching specialties are available to your organization and to which employees

What happens if I need more credits?

If your employees use all of the credits in your account, we will send you a notification to purchase more. You can buy as many or as few as you need

How many credits does a session cost?

A standard 50-minute session can cost as low as 1 credit. However, coaches set their own rates, so sessions with some coaches may cost more credits. Our team can work with you to decide how large of a credit package is best to meet your goals.

How many credits does each employee need?

Your people will need different levels of support based on their seniority and your people strategy. That said, here are a few helpful benchmarks

  • Senior leaders often meet with their coach 2 times per month for 50 minutes. Leadership coaches can cost between 3-5 credits per session, depending on the coach.

  • Brand new managers often meet with their coach weekly for 25 minutes. Coaches specializing in new managers cost between 1-3 credits per session.

  • Superstar individual contributors often meet with their coach monthly for 50 minutes. Performance coaches cost between 1-2 credits per session.

Our team can help craft a program that works within your organization’s budget constraints.